Pro-Nation Human

  1. Semi-rigid plastic shell
    To give support to the heel and arch areas of the foot.
  2. Soft polyurethane foam cushioning
    Shaped to closely fit the contours on the bottom of the foot for comfort.
  3. Soft top cover
    To increase comfort and limit foot slippage.
  4. Polyurethane gel cushioning spots
    Placed over the heel strike and ball of foot zones to reduce the impact forces during standing, walking and running.

Pro-Nation Orthotics

Pro-Nation Orthotics are made of flexible, cushioning (polyurethane) foam and gel, shaped to closely fit the contours on the bottom of the foot. This allows the ground reaction forces that arise from your bodyweight meeting the ground during standing, walking and running to be distributed throughout the foot and not to build up in any one particular area. The heel, arch and forefoot will feel gently supported. The soft polyurethane gel cushions that are placed under the heel and balls of the forefoot area will further offload the forces arising during standing, walking and running and can help specifically where there is pain in these areas.

Pro-Nation Orthotics provide mild support to the joints around the heel and arch area (primarily the sub-talar and mid-tarsal joints) with a semi-rigid plastic (polypropylene) shell. This shell is flexible enough to allow these joints to move normally but also offers support, gently limiting excessive and potentially painful movements in the heel and arch area.

Pro-Nation Orthotics have a soft top cover to increase comfort and limit foot slippage.

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